24. Israel and Palestine

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Before the main holiday (July, August) of 2016 I wrote to my notepad a word that I had received in the same year sometime before:

"They will seek peace but there will be none."

This word relates by my understanding to situation in Israeli - Palestinian conflict (simply said), although this conflict is much broader and propably this word applies to a broader definition of conflict of recognizing the existence of Israel in that location, and in the fact of its very essence.

Many have sought and will continue to seek some peace and amicable "final solution" of that conflict, but only optimism is not the right attitude according to this word. For example, the current Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu expressed in the UN his faith and firm conviction that Israel is able to work towards peaceful coexistence with its neighbors.

There are things that are basically negative, but they are announced to us that we can be aware of them. They are simply revealed, whether we like it or not.

Although this topic is heavily covered by biblical texts, prophetic scriptures, I only simply mention received word and our basic understanding of it in the current situation. I try to do this with the majority of received and published words in this section. Likely those words and biblical texts will be shared by us someday later, probably in our Prophetic report or in the Sharing section.

Jiří Joel Krupa

8. 10. 2016

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